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St. John's Military School

St. John’s Military School, established in 1887 in Salina, Kansas, is an all-male, private boarding school for students in grades 6-12. Our school has a distinguished history and valued traditions, which make us one of the most well-known and respected military schools in the country. We see ourselves as a Leadership Academy, with young men in attendance from all over the world who come together to form bonds that last a lifetime.

The school’s mission is to provide young men the opportunity to grow spiritually, morally, intellectually, and physically. Centered around five core pillars – Leadership, Academics, Character, Resiliency, and Faith – St John’s is committed to providing an excellent education, in a structured environment, that greatly assists in the development of a young man’s leadership abilities, character, and personal attributes.

Recognized by AdvancED for its high academic honors and demonstration of powerful practices, academics are a top priority at St. John’s. Each course is designed to bolster and empower the academic capability of each student. The St. John’s difference relates to the focus on academic achievement in an environment which fosters self-pride in critical thinking and decision making.

At St. John’s Military School, each young man represents an opportunity to cultivate and develop a future leader.  Every cadet comes to the school with different experiences, backgrounds, challenges, and goals. Cadets at             St. John’s come from numerous states across our great country; in addition, our school has an international flavor as well, with young men in attendance from across the globe.  At St. John’s, all nationalities are welcome – we view our diversity as a strength.

The goal for St John’s is clear and simple – to develop young men into men of character who are well equipped to lead our nation and our world in the future. St. John’s essence is about developing young men into “modern day knights” – men of honor and integrity; men who understand and embrace “Duty, Honor, Country;” men who operate with a clearly defined code of conduct; men who set the example for others to emulate.  St. John’s strives to accomplish this calling with Christ at the forefront of all our duties and activities.

In the 130-year history of St John’s, tens of thousands of young men have experienced success and fulfillment in their adult lives as a result of the time spent at St John’s.  Young men at St. John’s have a unique opportunity to develop a life of structure, discipline, and integrity, as well as a life of faith, community, and giving. Being a part of St. John’s is about being a part of history, a part of a brotherhood, and apart of an enduring family.

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