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Make-A-Wish Colorado

Make-A-Wish Colorado was founded in April of 1983 in memory of 7-year-old Jennifer Mazak, by her mother Joan. Jennifer was diagnosed with a liver condition at an early age and spent most of her life in and out of the hospital. She passed the time listening to her favorite radio station, KIMN, and dreamt of meeting the station’s mascot: a chicken! One summer day, the KIMN Chicken showed up at her door and the two spent the day together. Joan saw what a profound effect this experience had on her daughter. Joan started Make-A-Wish Colorado to bring this same joy to other children!

Make-A-Wish Colorado has granted over 5,200 wishes since 1983.  In Fiscal Year 2018, Make-A-Wish Colorado granted 270 wishes. Children who qualify for a wish are between the ages of 2 ½ and 18 and have been diagnosed with a critical illness by their doctor. They are not necessarily terminal; in fact, many wish kids overcome their medical conditions and go on to lead strong, healthy lives. Make-A-Wish has the unique ability to transform a child and family’s life during some of their most difficult trials.  A wish offers rejuvenation and perspective for the entire family.  Wish children are battle-weary.  Fear induces fatigue.  Stress permeates the home, affecting parents and siblings alike.  A wish is a break from the normal routine of medical treatments.  When energy is restored through a wish experience, the fight can continue with renewed hope.  Wishes are the driving force behind all we do because, put simply, wish experiences transform lives.

Wishes are funded from individual donations, special events, corporate donations and sponsorships, workplace giving donations, foundation grants, and a fundraising program in Colorado schools. Frequent flier miles and used vehicles are also accepted as donations. Of every dollar received, 83 cents goes towards granting wishes.

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Cruising with Caleb

Make-A-Wish ColoradoCaleb is a big Spider-Man fan. He’s got Spider-Man pajamas, action figures, t-shirts, hats and even a lifelike costume that he likes to wear whenever he gets the chance. When Caleb was diagnosed with cancer, Spider-Man became an even more important role model in his life because Spider-Man represented strength, courage and overcoming obstacles. Read more…